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March 06 2015


Simple Assault Defense

St. Louis Domestic Assault Defense Attorney
There's two main kinds of assault. Aggravated assault, in which violence occurs with a deadly weapon, and straightforward assault, which occurs with no weapon. Simple assault typically occurs during physical altercations. The injuries in many cases are caused as a result of punching or kicking a person. Simple assault has less harsh penalties than aggravated assault.

St. Louis Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the severity of these accusations, it is possible to defend yourself against simple assault charges. A successful defense may result in the dismissal with the charges against you, or a reduction to a lesser charge.

If basic rights, like the reading of Miranda rights, are not respected, the arrest could be considered unlawful. When there is not proper evidence that any injuries were suffered, the situation could be dismissed. And when there's no previous reputation violent acts, the sentence could be less harsh.

Those that elect to defend themselves typically end up with harsher sentences and black marks that permanently stain their permanent records. Prison time is common for assault charges, especially for those with a previous record. Fines, community service and anger management courses may be provided to those who find themselves minors or first-time offenders.

With proper defense, incarceration could be substituted with community service, and enormous fines may be substituted for anger management classes. It may even be possible to eventually remove a misdemeanor from one's record. As a result a huge difference when applying for jobs later on. With all the people trying to find jobs in this economy, a business is not going to wish to rely on someone else with a record of violence.

Additionally it is donrrrt forget to remember that the individual is innocent until proven guilty. For all those innocent with the charges, it is important to develop a thorough defense in order to avoid these consequences.

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